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Frequently Asked Questions:

1.     Are donations to Integrity Children’s Fund tax deductible?

Yes, all donations to Integrity are tax deductible, because of our 501 ( c)3 status.

2.     How does the organization raise funds?

a. Events

i.     Walk-a-thons in Ft. Lauderdale (April) and Atlanta (August)

ii.     Christmas Concerts in Coral Springs and Atlanta (December)

iii.     Wine and Cheese Party in Atlanta (April)

b. Corporate Sponsors

c. Individual Donors

3.     How can I donate to this worthy cause?

Become a monthly donor! It’s easy! You can donate any amount monthly whether – $10, $20, $30, $50.  Make your donations one of three ways:

1. Donate online by going to and Click Donate.

  • Register through our secure website for a fixed amount to be paid from your credit card monthly.
  • Send us a check monthly to the below address.

Integrity Children’s Fund

P.O. Box 4402

Alpharetta, GA 30023

2. Participate in our Annual Walkathon & Family Day by raising funds and walking in our Atlanta 2012 Walk-a-thon to be held   at Willis Park in Alpharetta, GA on August 25th.

– Contact us for applications by email at cgreen@integritychildrensfund.orgor by phone (678) 591-7764.

3. Save the Date and attend our Annual Christmas Concert featuring “Sarge and Di People Dem Pickney” on December 9th, 2012.

All donations are tax deductible.


4.     Which schools does Integrity Children’s Fund currently support?

Operation Restoration Christian School and Joy Town Learning Center located in Trench Town, Jamaica, as well as Teamwork School located in Montego Bay, Jamaica.


5.     Who are the Board members of Integrity Children’s Fund?

Major (retired) Karl Chambers (President) Dr. Chris Parker                (Vice President) Chris Earle         (Treasurer)
Gibson White Candice Green Marcia Chambers
Audrey Earle               (Secretary) Verna Ramdeen-Brown, PhD Derrick Harvey


6.     What are the specific objectives of Integrity Children’s Fund?

7.     What are the long-term goals of Integrity Children’s Fund?

  • Fundraising.
  • Be the voice for the disenfranchised children of Jamaica
  • Achievement and maintenance of the highest standards of financial accountability and disclosure to donors, government and other interested persons.

(1)  Provision of financial support to targeted education facilities in Jamaica.

(2)  Provide support for 10,000 children throughout all the parishes of Jamaica, by 2010.

(3)  Establish a consistent donor community through which we will be able to provide consistent and dependable financial support to educational programs and schools within Jamaica. Among

8.     How does Integrity Children’s Fund plan to achieve their goals?

Integrity Children’s Fund will grow its operation in phases. Following its launch in June 2002, a two-year pilot phase commenced, where two schools in Trench Town began to receive financial support. The two schools include Operation Restoration Christian and Covenant Community Church Basic School (Joy Town). These schools, co-located on Collie Smith Drive, provide education for students from the adjoining communities of Trench Town, Rema, Arnett Gardens and Rose Town. For the past ten years ICF has achieved its goals through its fundraising efforts providing consistent and dependable financial support to four schools.

The areas of focus as ICF continues to pursue their goals are:

  • Student Support

All activity in this realm will be geared toward providing for the physical and material needs of the students of selected schools. This will include furnishing students with meals, uniforms, books and other school supplies, technological aids (inclusive of, but not confined to IT), access to seminars, field trips and travel for the purposes of educational exposure. Student support will make up the bulk of ICF’s focus.

  • Teacher Development

Understanding the major role that teachers play in the welfare and education of our children, and also aware of the significant lack of teaching professionals in many under-funded, inner-city and rurally located schools, ICF will provide direct funding for two aspects of Teacher development. These are:

  1. Assistance in the payment of teachers’ salaries so as to ensure that the best possible instructors are recruited and retained in the previously selected schools.
  2. Assistance in the training of such members of staff to more adequately prepare them for participation in the process of educating children. Such assistance may take the form of, but not be limited to, workshops, seminars, courses of study and practicums.
  • Infrastructure Maintenance and Acquisition

This set of activities will be initiated as the third priority once ICF is satisfied that the other two aforementioned areas are being adequately serviced, notwithstanding the importance of the physical plant to the process of learning. Such activities will include repairs and maintenance to school facilities, furnishings and equipment, as well as the assistance in the procurement of land and edifices to advance the cause of education in previously disadvantaged youth.

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