President’s Message

Letter from the President…

Dear Friends of Integrity,

On February 19, 2016 my visit to one of the schools supported by Integrity Children’s Fund, Operation Restoration Christian School (ORCS), which is located in the inner-city community of Trench Town, Jamaica, provided me the opportunity to meet a past student of the school.

Deron Powell started attended ORCS in 2009 as an illiterate teenager. Working with the dedicated and caring teachers of ORCS, over the next three years, he was not only able to learn how to read, but was successful in the Grade 9 Achievement Test in 2012. Passing this important test afforded him the opportunity to attend Trench Town High School where he studied Mathematics, Information Technology, Metal Work, English Language and Social Studies.

His positive attitude and hard work at Trench Town High School paid off as he became the Head Boy and Vice President of the Student Council. Deron is currently studying auto body repair at the Trench Town Community College and recently applied to join the Jamaica Defence Force.

As I spoke to Deron in the school yard of ORCS, I feel an immense gratitude to all of our donors and volunteers who helped us give Deron an opportunity to overcome his illiteracy, and have a second chance at life.

Thank you!

Karl Chambers
President Integrity Children’s Fund
19 February 2016