Past Events

On the first Saturday of June each year, Integrity Children’s Fund hosts an Evening of Elegance in Atlanta. Guests who attend this formal event, are treated to a cocktail hour, dinner and dessert, all while being entertained by a special Jamaican guest performer. Next, the guests will dance the night away to the sounds of one of the top Jamaican DJs in Atlanta, DJ Migraine.

Integrity Children’s Fund launched its first edition of “I-Cycle” in 2017, which presented an opportunity for Atlanta based cycling enthusiasts, to support Integrity Children’s Fund in providing education for under-privileged and illiterate children in Jamaica, while promoting the ever-refreshing sport of cycling. Cycling is an experience that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, as it not only energizes us but also gives us…

For many years, the success of our call-a-thons have allowed us to raise funds to educate under-privileged and illiterate children in Jamaica.