Donor’s School Tour

  1. Introduction
    1. Integrity Children’s Fund will conduct an inaugural Donor’s School Tour of the schools the charity supports in Jamaica.  The tour will occur October 08-11, 2019.
    2. Integrity Children’s Fund will lead the planning and execution of the tour, and invite all donors to participate.
    3. Donors are responsible for all expenses associated with the tour.
    4. Purpose of School Visit:
    5. The Donor’s School Tour provides an opportunity for our donors to meet the teachers, staff and students of the schools they support.  Donors will see firsthand how their donations are being allocated.
  2. Tour Leader
    1. Mrs. Orlean Matthews is the tour leader
  3. Schools to be Visited and Dates
    1. Operation Restoration Christian School, Trench Town, on October 08, 2019
    2. Joytown Learning Center, Trench Town, on October 09, 2019
    3. Maranatha Basic School, Waterhouse, on October 10, 2019
    4. Jacobs Well Basic School, Trelawny, on October 11, 0219
  4. Activities
    1. Meet the principals, teachers and staff
    2. Meet and interact with the children
    3. The visit to each school will last the entire school day, starting with morning devotions, classroom sessions, lunch session and end of day dismissal.
  5. Schedule
    1. Register to attend by July 1, 2019
    2. Book flights by August 1, 2019
    3. Depart Atlanta to Kingston on October 07, 2019
    4. Return Flight: Donors will have the flexibility to book their departure date, time and city to fit their individual needs or plans.
  6. Accommodations
    1. Integrity Children’s Fund will reserve accommodation at a hotel in Kingston, to be paid for by the donors.
    2. Donors may make their own arrangements for accommodation, and meet the touring party at a pre-arranged places and times for visits to the respective schools.
  7. Air Travel
    1. Donors are expected to book their travel to Jamaica, based on the tour schedule.
  8. Ground Travel
    1. Integrity Children’s Fund will arrange ground transportation by either:
      1. JUTA if there are more than 5 participants.
      2. Renting a vehicle if there are 5 or less participants
    2. Donors can arrange their own transportation, and coordinate with tour leader for school visits
  9. Meals
    1. Donors are responsible for all their meals