Past Events

On the first Sunday of December each year, Integrity Children’s Fund hosts an annual Christmas concert in Atlanta. This event, reminds us of Pantomime in Jamaica at Christmas! The concert is suited for all ages, and we often see entire families in attendance. Our guests are guaranteed to have an evening full of laughter and fun. You will be rocking to leading Jamaican musicians!
  1. Introduction
    1. Integrity Children’s Fund will conduct an inaugural Donor’s School Tour of the schools the charity supports in Jamaica.  The tour will occur October 08-11, 2019.
    2. Integrity Children’s Fund will lead the planning and execution of the tour, and invite all donors to participate.
    3. Donors are responsible for all expenses associated with the tour.
    4. Purpose of School…
In 2019, Integrity Children’s Fund will rejuvenate its traditional walk-a-thon, with a new 5K Run/Walk for seasoned runners and for casual walkers. This event, designed for family participation, will be held in Johns Creek, Georgia in September 2019.