School Info


When was the school founded?

 Joy Town Learning Centre was founded on 5th September 1994 by Leadership of Joy Town Covenant Community Church and a then member of the Church Lorna Stanley.

What’s the number of students, faculty, and staff currently?

Currently, there is a 112 children on role with 7 teachers and 1 trainee, 2 kitchen staff, 1 caretaker/gateman and 1 part time Bursar/administrator.

What are the age ranges of the students attending ? Up to what grade level in education do you offer?

The children are 2+ to 6 years old, and Joytown prepares them for Grade One in Primary School.

What type, if any, of extra curricular activities are offered at the school?

In the past we had music, swimming and dance but due to financial constraint these had to be discontinued.

Do most of the children leaving Joy Town go on to Primary school?

Yes about 99 per cent go on to attend Primary School with a few going on to Prep Schools.

Principal and Vice Principal

The Principal is Mrs. Jennifer Wilmot who has over thirty-five years of experience in the Early Childhood Education of the Ministry of Education of Jamaica. She has been married for 29 years, and has mothered several children with two of her own. She has functioned as the founding Principal of the school since 1994, without a break, and has contributed to the founding of two other schools in the community. Currently, Joytown does not have a vice-principal but  the Board is currently accepting applications from amongst the teachers for a Lead Teacher who would fill this role.


When was the school founded?

 The school started as an after school program in 1994 which evolved into the day school in 1996.

What’s the number of students, faculty, and staff currently?

Students – 37 is the regular attendance but there were 40 enrolled at the beginning of the school year (2013).

Staff – 10

What are the age ranges of the students attending ? Up to what grade level in education do you offer?

The age range at ORCS IS 12-16 although there have been instances where we have had students as old as 22 years. We take students up to a grade nine level of education at which point they are expected to be re-integrated in to the regular school system.

What type, if any, of extra curricular activities are offered at the school?

Recently there was a music program with a Lecturer from the University of the West Indies.  Arts and Crafts is also offered on Fridays by a volunteer from Fusion Caribbean.

Principal and Vice Principal

Lorna Stanley – Principal

Lorna Archer Stanley was born in Panama to a Jamaican mother and Costa Rican father. She came to Jamaica when she was a small girl where she attended and graduated from Kingston Technical High School.

Lorna immigrated to the United States in early adulthood where she led many jobs including a Researcher with NBC TV and an Editor’s Assistant with Newsweek Magazine. Following this she earned a journalism fellowship to the University of California, Berkley which led to her postion as a Reporter with Palm Beach Post in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Among other positions she held in Florida she was an aide to a Congressman, a legal assistant and the owner of her own public relations firm.

After living in the United States for more than 30 years, in 1994 she sold all she owned and returned to Jamaica permanently in answer to what he believes was a divine calling. There, she founded the Operation Restoration Centre in Rema, Trench Town in an attempt to alleviate violence, poverty, illiteracy which exists in that community. After operating an after-school programme for nearly three years, Lorna established the Operation Restoration Christian School (ORCS) where she is still the Principal.

In addition to her 18 years of voluntary, sacrificial and dedicated work with ORCS, Mrs. Stanley also serves as a Justice of the Peace for the parish of Kingston. In 2004, she received a National Honour – the Badge of Honour for Meritorious Service for her work in Trench Town. In November 2010, Lorna was invited as a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show in recognition of her hard work and dedication to the development of the inner city.

Debbie Ffolkes – Vice Principal


When was the school founded?

Teamwork Associates was established in 1973 as a voluntary, non- profit organization with a mandate to establish centres in Jamaica and other nations for reconciliation between God and man.

What are the age ranges of the students attending? Up to what grade level in education do you offer?

Established to fulfil the vision of Teamwork Associates and God’s mandate for Christian education, Teamwork School provides quality education at the Nursery, Kindergarten, Preparatory and Secondary School levels. The goal of the school is for its students to achieve spiritual growth, academic mastery and develop physically, emotionally and socially so they may reach their full potential and become mature, well rounded and responsible world citizens.