Success Stories


CHRISTINE GREEN J.D. – At ten year’s old Christine moved to Trench Town from rural St. Catherine, Jamaica. She attended Operation Restoration Christian School’s (ORCS), in Trench Town, after-school program between the ages of 11-15. Christine credits the after-school program with not only helping her with homework and being a sanctuary in the afternoons but also a place where she was able to see beyond her surroundings and circumstances of the inner-city community in which she lived.

She recalls the times when “Aunty Lorna” – the principal at the time and founder of ORCS – would invite them over to her home on weekends for sleepovers. This she said was, “A great way to see how others lived.” Now 26 years old Christine recently graduated with her Juris Doctorate in May 2011, and passed the California bar in November of the same year. Her plans for the future involve either owning her own law firm or being a partner at one that is well established. She also hopes to be able to give back to the community of Trench Town in particular ORCS; not just financially but also as an example of how far hard work, determination and of course being blessed by the Lord can get you.

Christine is just one of the many students who have benefited from the support of Integrity to schools such as Operation Restoration Christian School.


TROY ANDERSON – was transferred from Trench Town High School because it was felt “it would be in his best interest.” He was placed in Level II because he had difficulty with phonics but soon advanced to Level IV where he mastered literacy. He sat the Grade Nine Achievement Test and as a result he attended and graduated from Jamaica College, one of the top performing ‘all-boys’ school in Jamaica.


TOWANA HANAN – started out in Level One after not attending school for three years because she was jeered about her disability at other schools. Towana excelled and is now attending a high school in the community where she is an A student and is also a Prefect.


CHRISTOPHER ROSE was also transferred from Trench Town High School and placed in Level I because of his inability to read. He graduated after mastering literacy and enrolled in the HEART skills training programme. He is now employed as a cook at a popular restaurant.



JULISSA ROWE – This young lady is a past student of Joy Town and is now attending Holy Trinity High School. This high School is a traditional high school.


KENYA GARRETT – This young man was a “Don” in training. Prior to attending ORCS he would be on the street at night doing what “Dons” do. He also had problems with two letter words and was not allowed to attend regular public school due to behavior problems. ORCS now have this young man reading and writing at a much higher level to a point that he no longer roams the streets. He is now into church and is definitely a success story.